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08 May 2020
Public Procurement

Action 3 - Financing innovative procurement: a review of the role of EU funds in supporting innovative procurement and recommendations for future funding

Action 3 - Funding innovative procurement
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Cities need financial support to be able to develop internal capabilities, new organisational processes and learn from existing experiences in this field (including circular procurement, social responsibility through procurement, procurement of innovation and cross-border innovative procurement). An array of EU funding exists to support such practices within and across European cities, but these are not always known to urban procurement practitioners.

This paper aims to address this gap by providing a simple and practical overview and quick assessment of the most relevant financing opportunities available through the European Union – including support to cross-border procurement, procurement of innovation as well as social, green and circular (strategic) procurement. It also provides concrete recommendations on how the revised funds can further support local uptake of innovative procurement, by addressing the main challenges and needs faced by urban practitioners willing to experiment with innovative procurement practices.

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