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09 June 2021
Security in Public Spaces

Action 5 - The Collective Impact model and its application in European Cities with a special focus on the topic of urban security and social cohesion

About the report

The report on the Collective Impact Model is one of the deliverables of Action 5 of the Security in Public Spaces Partnership. Led by the City of Mechelen, Action 5 looks at measuring the impact of social cohesion and inclusion on security in public spaces of urban and peri-urban areas.

The report aims to provide a new method that local security managers can implement to find new innovative solutions for complex and persistent urban security challenges. The Collective Impact Model (CIM) is primarily used in the North American context and still relatively unknown in Europe.

The below report looks at how local policymakers and security managers can best apply this framework to address complex urban security and social cohesion issues within the European context

The report presents:

  • A theoretical overview of the collective impact framework, including definitions of the key conditions that are essential to its effective application;
  • Case studies zooming in on how the framework has been applied to urban security challenges outside in the US;
  • A summary of key challenges and limitations of the model, also within the European context;
  • Recommended practices and guidance on practical steps for local communities to consider and implement the collective impact model;
  • Additional information and key resources are presented in the Annexes to this report.

About Action 5

This Action contributes to building a more secure, safe and resilient local community by providing local policymakers and security managers with a hands-on method that enables them to measure the impact of local social cohesion actions on urban security and feelings of insecurity within the local community. 

For more information, download the below report!

Action 5 - Report 'The Collective Impact Model and its Application in EU cities'
(2.03 MB - PDF)