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28 May 2020
Circular Economy

Booklet - Better regulation in a Circular Economy

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Better Regulation for a Circular Economy
The Partnership on Circular Economy is one of the 14 partnerships established as a part of the Urban Agenda for the EU. The Partnership has identified barriers in regulations, funding and knowledge for the transition of Circular Economy in cities. The Partnership has initiated 12 different actions to reduce or remove these barriers.

This booklet highlights two of the better regulation actions undertaken by the
Partnership, namely:

• a position paper on how to make waste legislation support the circular
economy in cities.
• a survey report on the regulatory obstacles and drivers for boosting an urban
circular bio-economy;

These actions aim to contribute to better EU policies, legislation and instruments with regard to the urban circular economy. The transition to a circular economy is an important objective of the recently announced Green Deal. Many of the proposed measures in the Green Deal need to be implemented at the local level. Therefore, it is crucial that EU-legislation on waste and bio-resources support the circular economy in cities.

The Partnership calls on the European Commission to take into consideration the recommendations and observations from the Partnership when evaluating existing and developing new EU policies and legislation in the context of the circular economy.