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09 July 2021
Circular Economy

Final report of the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Circular Economy

European cities are uniquely positioned to address complex problems through practical experimentation and innovation. The transition to a circular economy requires multi-level governance and new visions of what the future city could look like. Therefore, involvement at a local level is crucial for the transformation from the traditional linear approach to a circular strategy.

The Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Circular Economy therefore worked on 12 actions in which cities could have an important impact in reaching the Circular Economy goals of the member states and the European Commission. 

  • View the full Action Plan here
  • View the Partnerships' deliverables here

Below you can find the final report on the Partnership, their Actions and activities, and a brief analysis of the impact of the Partnership's work.

Final report on the Urban Agenda for the EU's Partnership on Circular Economy
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