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13 January 2020
Urban Mobility

New Guidance to inspire more walking

New Guidance to inspire more walking and promoting behaviour change
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The Urban Mobility Partnership presents a new guidance document for cities, businesses and community groups wishing to encourage people to use their cars less and walk more. The guidance was written within the Action No. 6 "Promoting sustainable and active mobility behaviour", led by Walk21 and explored the evidence of what has proven to be effective from experiences of previous projects funded by the European Union.  

 There are many existing resources to help European cities develop behaviour change campaigns. While reassuring that it is a popular technique being used to manage mobility choices it can be rather overwhelming and difficult to know what lessons can be learnt from past experiences and how to develop future initiatives that are likely to be successful.

 Collectively they have had an enormous influence on mobility choices in towns and cities across the entire European Union and it is hoped that this publication will extend that reach even further.

Our assumption is that the overall priority is to encourage as much walking, cycling and public transport use as possible and minimise the use of private vehicles for journey choices. We hope that this guide is a helpful digest, improves confidence in those considering a campaign and most importantly helps improve impact at every level.