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18 September 2020
Security in Public Spaces

Unfolding Dilemmas of Urban Public Spaces Report

From June 2019 to July 2020, JPI Urban Europe organised a series of AGORA Stakeholder activities with the aim to unfold the dilemmas of public space development and maintenance. 65 urban actors with very different backgrounds participated throughout the process, engaged in discussions and combined different experiences and knowledge(s). The outcome, a report which breaks down the complexity of urban public spaces and provides entry point to address dilemmas of urban public spaces, developed by a transdisciplinary writing team, is now available.

The objective of the “Unfolding Dilemmas of Urban Public Spaces Report“ is to provide an accessible text which breaks down the complexity of the development and maintenance of public urban spaces into ‘bite-sized chunks’: a selected number of dilemmas which is not exhaustive of all issues and concerns. These chunks are to be seen as entry points for urban policy makers, practitioners, civil society organisations, the research community and all other urban actors. The report should inspire to look at interrelated urban challenges through the lens of urban dilemmas and provides policy recommendations to address the complexity.