20 November 2020
Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Partnership has published their roadmap for circular resource efficiency!

Are you engaged in the circular resource transition in your city? This could be interesting for your city!

More and more people and materials are finding their way to, in and through the cities. As a result, the role of cities in the transformation from linear to circular material flows is increasing. How do we organize that “waste flows” that would otherwise leave the city, put to good use in the city.

As part of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, we have developed a guide (Roadmap) for this, based on cities that already have experience in this area.

The Roadmap for a Circular Resource Efficiency Management plan offers cities and urban areas a structured, step-by-step approach to develop a substantiated plan of action that improves resource efficiency and drives the transition to a circular economy. Three pillars are important:

  • insight into the raw material flows and their characteristics;
  • a specific and structured implementation program (with or without stakeholders);
  • a monitoring and evaluation model to chart the progress of the implementation and transition.

Despite the attention that has been paid to making the roadmap practical and manageable, we would like to collect more user experience to make it even more applicable. That is why we cordially invite you to test the Roadmap with us for further improvement.

The Roadmap has been set up in such a way that cities that already started their resource transition can step in at any time. That is why we also invited cities with experience to test the Roadmap.

If you would like to know more about the Roadmap, or if you want to participate in the consortium testing the Roadmap in practice, please contact Gerko Brouwer via +316 -53145896 or send an e-mail to

Also want to work on accelerating the circular transition in our city, get in touch and together we will determine what the options are. Looking forward working with you!

The Roadmap is available (for free) and can be downloaded here.