Greening Cities Public Consultation Draft Action Plan
06 June 2024
Greening Cities

Join the Public Consultation on the Greening Cities Draft Action Plan!

The Greening Cities Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU invites you to join the public consultation for their Draft Action Plan and help shape the future of urban green infrastructure by providing your insights and feedback on key Actions aimed at enhancing urban biodiversity, climate adaptation, and residents' wellbeing in EU.

We are excited to announce the launch of the public consultation for the Draft Action Plan of the Urban Agenda for the EU Greening Cities Partnership, now live on the Partnership’s dedicated webpage.

The Action Plan proposes five key Actions aimed at increasing green infrastructure in EU cities and regions. They address critical challenges such as the need for evidence-based planning tools, effective implementation strategies, robust legislative support, adequate funding, and innovative financial instruments. Developed by the members of the Greening Cities Partnership, the Action Plan supports the implementation of the EU policy agenda on urban greening at the local level. It aims to increase urban biodiversity, adapt to climate change, and improve citizens' wellbeing. 

We seek input from a wide range of stakeholders including national, regional, and local urban authorities, institutions, private entities, projects and programs, and civil society organizations, to further enhance these Actions. The consultation welcomes feedback on the overall goals and objectives of the Action Plan, as well as on the specific details of each Action. 

Your insights on increasing the feasibility and amplifying the impact of these Actions are invaluable. We encourage you to contribute your ideas, suggest improvements, identify potential challenges, and share strategies for effective implementation. By participating, you help ensure the Action Plan is comprehensive and addresses the diverse needs of urban areas. 

Visit the Greening Cities Partnership’s dedicated webpage for more information about how to participate, share your valuable perspectives, and join us in our mission to create greener, healthier, and more resilient cities. The consultation will close on 11 July.

Take the opportunity to add your views because together, we can better shape a sustainable future for our cities and regions! 

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