EU City Lab on Food
20 February 2024

Join us at the EU City Lab on Changing Habits for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System

This year the European Urban Initiative and URBACT are co-organising a series of three EU City Labs on Food. Are you interested in local food systems? Join us in Mouans-Sartoux, France, on 21 and 22 March for the first in the series!

Within the Urban Agenda for the EU, the Thematic Partnership on Food was one of two new partnerships kicking off their work in January this year. The partnership is aiming to ensure sustainable food production and consumption patterns in European cities through the pillars of better regulation, better funding, and better knowledge. 

The EU City Lab in Mouans-Sartoux will be a valuable moment to learn and exchange with stakeholders on the topic of sustainable food systems as well as learn about the Ex-Ante Assessment of the Food partnership elaborating on the gaps to be filled, the needs and the objectives of the thematic area.  

The location of the EU City Lab is no coincidence. In fact, Mouans-Sartoux is a member of the Urban Agenda for the EU Thematic Partnership on Food and a prime example of innovation in local and sustainable food systems. The success story of Mouans-Sartoux's school canteen and the transfer of its practices to other EU cities through the URBACT BioCanteens and BioCanteens#2 networks will be presented during the event. Mouans-Sartoux serves as a compelling example of how urban experiments can pave the way for more sustainable and resilient food systems, offering invaluable lessons for other cities to learn from. 

The EU City Lab is also an opportunity to highlight and disseminate innovative experiments and good practices from Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) and URBACT. UIA projects are at the forefront of implementing novel solutions to urban challenges, including the sustainability of food systems. Lille, Milan, Maribor, Heraklion, Pozzuoli and Ljubljana have been experimenting with bold solutions while addressing complex urban challenges such as poverty, waste production, economic development and food sovereignty. 

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Join us at the EU City Lab, which will serve as a central platform for learning, exchange and inspiration on sustainable local food systems as a critical component of urban policy and practice in the EU.