18 December 2019
Climate Adaptation

Second Local Training Academy on Urban Climate Change Adaptation held in Genova

The Action Plan developed by the Partnership on Climate Adaptation lays out 10 Actions aiming to anticipate the adverse effects of climate change and take appropriate action to prevent or minimise the damage it can cause to urban areas. One of these actions includes the development of several local and general training academies for politicians on adaptation, aiming to provide information to (local) politicians and to assist them in their decision-making on issues related to climate adaptation. The second local Academy took place in Genova (Italy) at the Genova Municipality Main Building on November 26, 2019. The training was provided by Sergio Castellari, supported by the Project Coordinator Stefania Manca (Municipality of Genova) and Eva Baños de Guisasola (CEMR). Around 40 local politicians and other interested stakeholders joined the training.

The session involved presentations, interactive Q&A sessions with the audience, and an open discussion. The focus was not only on outlining the main challenges faced by cities, but also at looking at potential solutions, which can be implemented in different ways to tailor them to individual cases. A different combination of approaches allows each city to work on their own specific challenges, and the trainer went through a range of adaptation options, cost options, and different strategic approaches to tackling climate change in different contexts, as well as different ways to finance these.

For more information on the training, please see a more detailed summary here, where you can also find useful contact details and resources on climate adaptation.