About the partnership

The Housing Partnership aimed to contribute to the creation of better legal and financial conditions for EU cities that need to invest in new, renewed, affordable housing for their populations on a broad scale. More specifically, the focus of the Partnership was addressing affordable housing needs through legislation, knowledge creation and funding, as well as aiding the supply of affordable housing, including public, social and municipal housing, affordable rental housing, affordable cooperative housing and affordable home ownership.


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Member States

  • Slovakia (Coordinator)
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Slovenia

Urban Areas

  • Vienna (AT / Coordinator)
  • Lisbon (PT)
  • Poznan (PL)
  • Riga (LV)
  • Scottish Cities Alliance (UK)

European/ national city umbrella organisation

  • Eurocities

Other stakeholders

  • Housing Europe
  • International Union of Tenants (IUT)
  • Union Habitat

European institutions

  • European Commission (DG REGIO, DG ENER, DG EMPL)
  • European Investment Bank (EIB)

Concrete actions


Guidance on EU regulation and public support for housing


Capacity building for the application of state aid rules in the affordable housing sector at a city level


Revision of the SGEI decision with regard to the narrow target group of social housing


Affordable housing good practice database


Policy guidance for the supply of social and affordable housing in Europe

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