About the partnership

This Partnership aims to review and understand the processes of suburbanisation and the role of nature-based solutions within the current development processes and to identify best practices in innovative urban development across Europe. The Partnership intends to formulate specific concepts and modes of action regarding sustainable use of land and implementation of nature-based solutions within urban areas as well as concrete proposals for territorial instruments and funding.


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Member States

  • Poland (Coordinator)
  • Cyprus
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands (Observer)
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia

Urban areas

  • Bologna (IT, Coordinator)
  • Antwerp (BE)
  • Cork (IE)
  • Lille (FR)
  • Stavanger (NO)
  • Stuttgart (DE)
  • Zagreb (HR)

European/ national city umbrella organisation

  • Eurocities
  • URBACT (Observers)

Other stakeholders


European institutions

  • European Commission (DG REGIO, DG ENV, DG JRC, DG R&I)
  • European Investment Bank (EIB)

Concrete actions


Including land take and soil properties in impact assessment procedures.


Funding and Financing guide for brownfield redevelopment


Identifying and managing under-used land


Indicators of Land Take


Promoting FUA Cooperation as a tool to mitigate urban sprawl

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